Undo with materials

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Undo with materials

Post by alexgodlex » 20 June 2019, 12:56

When you move your materials (wood/etc.) it's very easy to make mistacs clicking, would be cool to be able to undo/redo.

Same for placing new tiles (when you place a new tile you can't move it after you place sthe second tile… in the real life i think it's something you would be allowed to do as you're place all your tiles in the same time…

+ I would still love expansions, seems Keyflower is still popular on BGA… And what about Keyflow ? :)

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Re: Undo with materials

Post by Havana » 19 July 2019, 22:29

I subscribe, an undo otpion in keyflower is very important

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Re: Undo with materials

Post by LordChambers » 22 August 2019, 02:57

The implementation for Keyflower here is so inadequate I stopped playing. It's feels like playing a mousetrap. Or at least something in need of a n update with the learning from quality implementations like Terra Mystica. Perhaps there was an era in which this benighted implementation was made before our computer scientists discovered the confirmation step.

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