Zombies, expelled players

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Zombies, expelled players

Postby DrKarotte » 12 April 2018, 20:45

There seem to be problems with Zombie mode and expelled players, not only on my games.
I have done some testing on Studio concerning Zombie mode.

Here is what I have observed:

When a player leaves the game by actively clicking the leave button everything works as expected: the Zombie pass function is called, which skips the Zombie, if written correctly, of course.

When a player is expelled after having run out of time, it does not work. The expelled player's turn is not skipped, the game gets stuck. This happens in Studio and with published games.

There is a strange effect, at least on Studio: The expelled player does not get expelled. He can still make a move. There is a "Get back to the game" button which has no effect when clicking.

The Zombie mode state is not entered, the function is not called. The log lists functions with other names. So is seems that there is nothing wrong in the zombie pass function, but some bug in the framework?

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Re: Zombies, expelled players

Postby ollyfish2002 » 13 April 2018, 10:18

I had this problem yesterday in a Builders game. I reported the bug #9701. Everything was blocked without running out of time. The game was set on realtime but the clock showed 5 days. We cannot make a move or go back in the game.

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Re: Zombies, expelled players

Postby Een » 20 April 2018, 11:16

Checked this with a simple game also available on the studio (Neutreeko) so that you can check the zombieTurn function.

Indeed the zombieTurn function doesn't get called when a player is expelled (after running out of time) on the studio only.

But it does work in production (if the zombieTurn function is correctly written and covers all cases).

So actually testing in the studio through explicitly using the quit button to create a zombie should be sufficient to testproof all cases.

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Re: Zombies, expelled players

Postby vincentt » 20 April 2018, 12:39

Ok great! I have updated the pre-release checklist
Thanks Een!


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Re: Zombies, expelled players

Postby vincentt » 20 April 2018, 22:17


I am trying to test my Zombie function.
When I leave with one of the player, on the next action I get that :
Error during Skip turn execution : this game has been cancelled. Please leave the game.
afterwards nothing works :(

On real-time game, it works normally. In turn mode, the Zombie function is not applied?

Any ideas?


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