Game module not found

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Game module not found

Post by AmadanNaBriona » 10 August 2018, 01:17

Trying to work my way through tutorial. Downloaded the hearts tutorial files. Renamed to heartsAmadanNaBriona. Uploaded to ftp server, then went to start a game, chose Express Start:
Unexpected error: Propagating error from GS 1 (method: createGame): Fatal error during heartsamadannabriona setup: Game module not found: module.heartsamadannabriona.heartsamadannabriona
I tried creating a modules folder (though there isn't one in the hearts tutorial), but not sure what else I missed.


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Re: Game module not found

Post by A-dam » 10 August 2018, 05:46

you can find solution here:

check your code again, probably you will need change the game name insice your code..

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