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Legacy Games

Postby apollo1001 » 03 June 2018, 21:45

Hi All

I was thinking about which games I might like to develop over the summer and thought I'd share an Academic question: Any thoughts how we could implement legacy style games on here?

Obviously no license at present, but more interested in how legacy games might make an appearance online.

1. Would being online spoil the sales of the games as all the surprises are known, or would it give people a chance to play through the campaigns again afterwards?

2. I can't think of a way of starting part-way into a campaign (e.g. Say June in pandemic legacy) that makes sense, so a recorded playing of the game would have to encompass the complete campaign.

3. I guess we would essentially have to either modify the framework to allow campaigns (collections of games with passable parameters), or set the 'game' up like we would a game with seasons that simply loop round.

Anyhow, I would welcome people's (particularly developer) views on this, but equally interested if people (players) would play these should they come online.

Atb, Apollo

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Re: Legacy Games

Postby Victoria_La » 04 June 2018, 23:34

I actually did think about it, although I did not play legacy but I have general idea, so my though were
  • The framework has to be modified to support per-player permanent storage, which persists between the tables.
  • It has to be per game.Only a specific game can write to that storage (i.e. another game cannot alter it by accident)
  • Framework cannot really afford creating or/and modifying db structure on the fly, has to be set table format, where
    game can write data.
  • The storage can contain information about state of the game, its one per player (can be more but lets say one for simplicity)
  • So when user creates a table he is the controller of that state, i.e. it would be on the stage where this user left it. So like in real life
    it the owner of the board game. So best if played with same group of people
  • The owner should be able to "forget" the state (even if he does not finish it), which is equivalent of getting a fresh copy of board game in real life
  • Also this work with deck building games (i.e. Android Netrunner, Pokemon, etc) - user has to be build a deck which can be maintained across the tables.

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