Request on how to develop my game on BGA

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Request on how to develop my game on BGA

Post by Lokhir » 09 October 2019, 16:31

Hi all,

I'm part of the Schmeta Games team. We are currently in a process of releasing our very first game (named Gangsta!) after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Gangsta is a 2-4 players card game with a lot of interaction between players. More information on
Since I love playing on BGA, I would be so pleased to add our game to the BGA's collection. We are of course ready to pay for this development (although the sky is sadly not our limit on this matter).

Here are some additional information which might help you to understand how feasible it would be, technically speaking.
1. Rules (EN) : ... les-EN.pdf
2. Gameplay video (EN) : check our video in the Gameplay section from our KS page :

Many thanks in advance !

Kind regards,

Lokhir / Yves

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