How can I rotate a room please?

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How can I rotate a room please?

Post by kikesé » 30 December 2019, 09:16


Could you explain this action please?

Thank you.

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Re: How can I rotate a room please?

Post by tchobello » 30 December 2019, 10:42

In each room, there is a square with a rotating gear.

when one of your character is on it, he can spend an Action and rotate the room 1/4 of a turn in the arrow’s direction.
As there are two twin rooms of the same color, he is also capable of rotating the other one, following the arrow in that room, if this one is revealed, of course.

the mekanork has a Special Ability : he can rotate the rooms in either way.

if you play in Secret Forces mode, there can be up to 4 rooms of the same color !

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Re: How can I rotate a room please?

Post by diamant » 30 December 2019, 11:17

A character you control must be on a room mechanism (the square with a number) with at least one remaining action (therefore, it’s your turn).

If you click on this character, then circles with arrows are displayed on the mechanism of each room that you can rotate (rooms with the same number). Each button displayed at the top of the page represents a rotation that you can perform for an action. When the clicked character is a mekanork, you can choose the direction of rotation, so there are 2 times more buttons.
Clicking on a button rotates the corresponding room a quarter turn in the direction of the arrows on its mechanism, possibly in the opposite direction with the mekanork.

You can repeat this action as long as you have one action left for the controlled character.

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