DT Tournament All But Best

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DT Tournament All But Best

Post by tchobello » 10 June 2020, 21:38

Howdy !

Tournament All But Best is a bit different because all 32 players have ELO below 400...
So all players have a chance to go deep without being crushed by one of the top players...

We have reached the middle of first round & 8 have already gone through... 3 amongst them have beaten a player with a higher ELO.

As always, there are plenty of french players (16) but Belgium, Spain, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Mexico & USA are gonna try to lift the trophy !!!

Good luck to everyone !

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Re: DT Tournament All But Best

Post by T72on1 » 19 June 2020, 09:15

Definitely a very fun tournament for us lower ranked players. We need more of those :) .

Thanks for the organisation !!

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