Information about which card was exchanged

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Information about which card was exchanged

Post by brotbubi » 18 April 2020, 12:21

If the player right to you plays the king, you will get two new cards on your hand. One from the other player and one from the stack of cards.
In the event log, there's no information which card was from the other player, it just says that you exchanged cards. But there should be an information, because I obviously would have this information in real life.
In some plays this missing information may be game deciding. Once I suddenly had a princess on my hand, but didn't know whether that princess is new in the game or previously was on my enemy's hand.

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Re: Information about which card was exchanged

Post by crowdor » 01 August 2020, 17:13

I need this info too! Can someone clarify whether a new card from the deck shows up left or right in your hand? Someone used a priest on me and I don't know which card he saw.

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