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Love Letter Thoughts

Postby Brisbane Roar » 30 October 2017, 16:53

I started playing love letter last week and I must admit I'm quite addicted to it now. Love letter reminds me a lot of the game "coup" (maybe BGA could add this? :D) which I used to also play frequently. However after many games of coup I realized that it's only really playable with 2 or at most 3 players because when it gets to 4+ players it starts to turn into a popularity contest. Basically near the end of the game you get to decide who wins rather than skill... Of course I understand that in all games the more the players the more luck based it is, which brings me to my final thought regarding love letter. After playing many games I think the best versions are 3 player classic and 5 player premium edition. Reason why I prefer 3 or 4 player is simply because when you are in the lead most of the time you'll be playing 3 vs 1 and this is almost impossible to win barring some kind of miracle. For example I've seen 3-0-0-0 leads turn into 3-3-3-3 because of this which is honestly not so nice for the 1st player as he basically sat out 9 games in a row. At least with 3 players 2 v 1 is not an insurmountable hill to climb. Lastly about the premium edition I guess you could make an argument about 6-player but 7 or 8 is just the popularity contest that I talked about earlier or who can draw the constable/get points with the Bishop. Sorry for the long post just wanted to share my thoughts thanks!

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