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Update Tiki

Post by Wolfbrecht » 23 June 2018, 23:42

Dear BGA,
as Tiki got released as a Boardgame 2018 the creator invented 3 additional rules. (http://www.oz-editions.com/tiki-stretch-goal/)
To sum up: there are 2 new tiles the can replace the "0" , one can change the poistion of 2 tiles and the other one can invert 2 tikis. A new tiki, the "bad tiki" is also new. He acts neutral until his tile got activated. As Tiki is a great game (unfortunately not often played), I wanted to know if you are abled to add these features. Thanks you for your attention, Anton

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Re: Update Tiki

Post by ollyfish2002 » 24 June 2018, 08:05

These features are stretched goals for backers only. They are not available in shops, so not many people will be able to play with them. So it is a good idea but if players like them, they could not buy them (something like New Encounters cards in Tokaido).
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