Clag/Nominations as a variant?

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Clag/Nominations as a variant?

Post by pharmakon » 06 October 2020, 20:02
The normal deals (1 to 7 and 16 to 22) and played in the same way as Oh Hell!
Nomination and Play in Special Deals

The rules for the special deals are as follows. They are all played with seven card hands. Except where specified the nomination and play follows the same procedure as in the normal deals.

Deal 8: No Trumps
This is exactly like a normal seven-card deal except that no card is turned up after the deal and there is no trump suit. Each trick is simply won by the highest card of the suit that was led.

Deal 9: Misere
This is like a normal seven-card deal with trumps, but everyone is assumed to have nominated zero. Therefore you score 10 if you win no tricks, but otherwise just one point per trick won.

Deal 10: Guess Trumps
The trump card is turned up after all players have made their nominations. So players predict how many tricks they will win having seen their cards, but not knowing what suit will be trumps.

Deal 11: Blind
Players nominate how many tricks they will take before the cards are dealt. The deal, trump making, play and scoring then proceed as in a normal deal.

Deal 12: Twos Wild
Trump setting, nominations and play are normal, but all four twos are wild. This means that when playing a two, the player names a rank and a suit - for example ace of diamonds - and it acts as a copy of that card. The following rules apply:

- If the card represented by the two is also played to the trick, the two is higher. For example if clubs are trumps and a player leads the ace of clubs, another player can beat it with the two of hearts, by nominating the two as another ace of clubs.
- If more than one two is played to a trick, they must represent different cards. So for example if the ace of trumps has already been beaten by a two representing the ace of trumps, a later player who also holds a two cannot use it to represent another ace of trumps in that trick.
- If a player has a card of the suit that was led, but chooses to play a two instead, it must be nominated as belonging to that suit. Suppose for example that hearts are trumps, player A leads the king of spades, player B trumps it with the 6 of hearts and player C holds one or more spades. Player C cannot play a 2 and nominate it as a trump to beat B's card. C has to follow suit so C's 2 can only be used as a spade in this trick.

Deal 13: Aces Low
This is exactly like a normal 7-card deal with trumps, except that the ace is the lowest card of each suit. The cards rank from high to low K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-A.

Deal 14: Dealer Calls Trumps
No card is turned up to set the trump suit. Instead, the dealer chooses the trump suit after looking at his or her cards. After the dealer has announced the trump suit, the nominations take place as usual, beginning with the player to dealer's left.

Deal 15: Highest Number
There are no nominations. Instead, whichever player takes most tricks scores 10 points and the other players score nothing. If there is a tie for most tricks no one scores. Therefore players who have no chance of winning most tricks will try to cooperate to cause a tie.

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