Optional rules for Eruption

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Optional rules for Eruption

Post by n i 6 t e a k » 27 December 2018, 17:25

Hi! On the official site of this game on Stratus Games i found some interesting optional rules as ''Clans'', ''Lava Forecast'' and ''Annihilation''

Clans :
At the beginning of the game, players divide into teams of two and sit across from each other. Team members control villages of clans who try to defend both of their villages together. During the Action Card phase of a turn, a player may choose to donate walls from his stockpile or Action Cards to his teammate. When a player places an Eruption Tile, his teammate’s village does not heat up by 30 degrees.

The game ends when either the tiles are depleted or the villages belonging to both members of a team have completely burned up. If only one team member’s village has burned up, the player with the burned up village may continue to play as usual. The winning team is the team with the lowest average temperature at the end of the game.

Lava forecast :
At the beginning of the game, three stacks of Lava Tiles are formed and placed face up in the center of the board. Each time a Lava Tile is drawn, the player may draw it from any of the available stacks. Once a tile is drawn, it may not be traded for another tile, but must be used. Players may not attempt to view any tiles that are not at the top of a stack.

Annihilation :
The game continues until only one player remains in the game. Each player whose village burns up may continue to place Lava Tiles on subsequent turns, but may no longer assess damage, play Action Cards, or build walls. If the Lava Tiles are depleted, the discarded tiles are shuffled and reused. If there are no more discarded tiles, the remaining players continue to assess damage, play cards, and build walls on their turn. The last player who remains in the game is the winner. If no further actions can be done, the player whose village is at the lowest temperature on the Burn Meter wins the game.

Would be nice to see these options also on BGA.

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