Please implement the "revised" official rules (proposed by the publisher)

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Please implement the "revised" official rules (proposed by the publisher)

Post by potlot » 29 June 2021, 08:12

Celestia is one of those games I instantly fell in love with, and got myself a copy right away. :)

It's just my opinion, but if BGA can do something about the rules that need adjusting, maybe more people will be eager to open tables for this nice game.
The rules that I guess need adjusting are specifically for the jetpack card.
In one of my games, after the capt announced crash, I used jetpack. Then, the next player used spyglass, and the ship left without me.
I know, according to the official rules, that is how it is supposed to play out.

However, according to the discussion here : ... ower-cards
The publisher (BLAM) offers a different insight.
(I just quote his statements)

"In this case, Anyone who played a Jetpack takes it back in his hand and plays it again after the reroll if he wants.
All the cards that are not relevant are taken back, if the captain has to reroll the dice or if a magic spyglass is played JetPack is not relevant anymore as far as the aircraft does not crash."

This makes more sense. If the ship is not crashing, why would anyone use a jetpack?

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