LOC: 2 influence tiles from 1 resource?

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LOC: 2 influence tiles from 1 resource?

Post by Ninolia » 27 January 2018, 00:33

As I interpret rules, you should be able to get >1 influence tile from 1 resource, e.g. influence tiles 2+3 from 1 bulb.
Is that correct? I did not get that option in this GUI. Ended up using two bulbs when I meant to use 1.
It did not remove one bulb after my first tile pick, so it was not obvious it already cost me a bulb.
If correct that this should be possible, is it not implemented?
If it works, I need info on how to do it on BGA.
Thanks, Ninolia
Issue found in game 36939856 (my first), move 48 or so.

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