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Post by ToDie » 01 May 2021, 03:55

Hello there,

in my last game, I had the unpleasant experience to meet a player who uses AI to win the game easily. He did not only play every move perfectly (as I checked after the game), he even told me during the game that he is using AI to beat me.
I think that this behavior destroys the whole purpose of playing games. Is there any policy to deal with such players? I could not find any option like "cheating" in the reporting system.

Kind regards!

PS: I am aware that I can use the red thumb to avoid playing with this player again. However, I am pretty sure that nobody wants to play with an AI-player.

augustin F
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Re: Cheating

Post by augustin F » 01 May 2021, 11:22

I have seen the same question in chess forum... ... 88&t=15499
It may help you... (but I don't know if it helped me :roll: :lol: ) : this is my profile page :D

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