We have Print and Play files now!

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We have Print and Play files now!

Post by FourGiving » 06 September 2018, 13:03

My deepest thanks to Brian Hamilton for his hard work in converting all these cards to P&P files on boardgamegeek.

You can already play Remember When for free on Board Game Arena with players from all over the world (most games are turn-based). But now you can print as many cards as you'd like, or even create your own, and have your own physical copy of the game.

If you do get to play the game with family and friends, and you enjoy it, please consider rating it on BGG and even giving some commentary, a review, session report, video, whatever you'd like. We could definitely use the publicity as we are still looking for a publisher.

In the meantime, enjoy making memories in Remember When, and thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement and support.

Eric (FourGiving on BGA)

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