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Post by KaosBombix » 23 January 2018, 13:44

Hello :)
On that game, a lot of time, there is tie. The situation is blocked and the players don't make mistakes. On that situation, the only solution is to do a collective abandon.
The problem is that the game has been done and it's a tie... So BGA should create a "tie" button (the same than the button in Chess) !
Moreover, sometimes, the opponent don't want to do a collective abandon and we can play during hours and hours in that situation... The only solution is to wait him to sleep or to have something else to do... Or to leave and have a penality ! That's soooo bad ! :twisted: :twisted:

Please, can you add an equality/tie button?

Thanks for advance !

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Re: Tie/Equality

Post by apollo1001 » 06 June 2018, 20:19

I have just added functionality to allow draws. If you notice any bugs with it then do post them in the bug area as normal.

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Re: Tie/Equality

Post by LuxuryJesper » 06 October 2019, 14:35

What I don't get about draws, is that it isn't actually a tie, since the weak player of the two gets points, while the strong player loses points. In other words; the weak player actually benefits from a game, where there is no winner!
Actually, the weak player can do everything in his/her power to destroy the game, and benefit from it. It's a disgrace, and you should change it immediately.

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