Unfair rules at draw games

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Unfair rules at draw games

Post by LuxuryJesper » 06 October 2019, 14:39

What I don't get about draws, is that it isn't actually a tie, since the weak player of the two gets points, while the strong player loses points. In other words; the weak player actually benefits from a game, where there is no winner! While the strong player get's punished, by simple being better. Actually, the weak player can do everything in his/her power to destroy the game, and benefit from it. It's a disgrace, and you should change it immediately.

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Re: Unfair rules at draw games

Post by RicardoRix » 07 October 2019, 14:16

Are you trying to say that if you draw in chess against Magnus Carlsen then that doesn't mean anything?

I think if all you ever did was draw in chess against Magnus Carlsen then that would mean you have a very simlar if not equal ELO rating as Magnus Carlsen.

The other way of looking at it, is if you are a higher rated player, then prove it. Beat the lower rated player, don't just draw with them.

Also, the game is a still a tie.

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Re: Unfair rules at draw games

Post by Romain672 » 09 October 2019, 20:02

What could be changed anyway is adding a variable on each game who try to have the % of draw.

That way, if he game have a lot of draw, you will gain or loss less elo than a game with few draw.

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