strategy on tablut

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strategy on tablut

Post by JehanBon » 09 December 2018, 22:30

I saw this game on the serie viking and it seems fun but I fail always.

Does someone has advice or a link on strategy about this game?

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Re: strategy on tablut

Post by RicardoRix » 10 December 2018, 00:24

well half the fun (more than half really) is finding these things out yourself. I recommend you do that rather than reading anything else. Just play some games with somebody of an equal play ability as yourself.

I am no master, I've only played a handful of games and I've not read any guide. Here are a few observations.

Black is trying surround white. If you do dive straight in by placing exactly next to a piece then you risk getting your pieces taken, conversely you might threaten to take a piece yourself. I would call this an 'aggressive' move.
Alternatively as black you can place your pieces in a large circle not allowing white outside at all, and slowly encircle inwards.

If white gets to a clear 2nd row (or column) then they've won.

It's quite common for white to force repeat back and forth moves which technically is a draw.

If white gets to a clear 3rd row (or column) then black is not lost but is on the ropes, white can force black to the square next to the corner and is very vulnerable to being taken.

The star in the centre can be used strategically by white as defense because a black piece may not stop there.

Generally speaking white would like a clear board in order to move his king more freely, so piece exchanges could seem to be advantageous.

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Re: strategy on tablut

Post by Fluttershy » 10 December 2018, 14:54

From what I remember white wants to focus on 1 corner and sack pieces if it means it's going to allow them to get an opening for the king. 1 mistake I remember making when playing this game the first time was thinking I could out play my opponent and get 1 to 0 trade off. It's just not happening you are going to have to take 1 to 1s and press for 1 corner and weaken it to force the other black pieces out of position.

Black on the other hand needs to not worry to much about play aggressive but more defensive in contrast to white. Black should be aiming to form walls with their pieces and closing in on the white army. As long as black can hold a wall then they can't lose their pieces. In general you need to ensure you don't leave any corner weak and playing more containing moves over aggression.

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