Tablut update: full rules enforcement

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Tablut update: full rules enforcement

Post by Een » 27 April 2018, 11:35

Dear Tablut players,

Originally published as a "Sandbox" game where you and your opponent needed to take care of enforcing the rules yourselves, we are pleased to announce that Tablut is now fully scripted for rules enforcement!

The rules chosen for the implementation are described here:

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Re: Tablut update: full rules enforcement

Post by Schachus » 09 May 2020, 15:52

The german rules, that are linked below the game state that a repition of moves is forbidden (after that, a different move would be enforced). This rule doesnt seem to be in gthe english version you linked here and also doesnt seem to be implemented on this site.
This is very important to the balance of the game. In many cases, white can perpertaully force black to go black to go back and forth with his king. If this is not forbidden (i.e. the 3 rd time white would need to do something else), how is such a game to be evaluated.
Is it a legitimate strategy for white under these rules here?
So far, as black, I have never tried to prevent white from doing that, as I thought the rules didnt allow him to and I havent done it as white but a clarification would be nice :). Actually my very first game here was stopped because white started to do that.

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