Incan Gold is now a Premium game

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Incan Gold is now a Premium game

Post by sourisdudesert » 01 April 2018, 08:53

Dear Incan Gold players,

We've been informed that the electronic rights situation of Incan Gold have evolved. In consequence, we have to make Incan Gold Premium starting today (NOT an April fools joke ...).

As you know, on BGA we are proposing both free and Premium games. The choice to make a game free or Premium is an electronic rights owner decision, and we support this decision 100% of the time. Concerning Incan Gold, the change in electronic rights situation could have led to a complete removal of the game from BGA... Consequently we are very happy that the publisher accepted to integrate Incan Gold to the Premium catalog so that the game can remain on BGA.

Note that the situation is very specific to Incan Gold. At now we no other game is in the same situation, and as far as we know all electronic rights owners are satisfied of the current status of their games on BGA.

About Premium games: you need to be Premium to create new table, but anyone can join a Premium game table after it has been created. You can find out on this page about all the benefits of the Premium membership.

Thanks for your support & understanding.

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