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Mobile view

Post by _Kex_ » 19 December 2017, 16:21

No idea to whom this should be addressed to so I'm posting it here.
Most games on this site work great on a mobile device. However some tweaks are needed sometimes :)
In this game when playing on mobile there are two problems-
1. the rightmost cards are not seen
2. the boards of players on the right can't bee seen either

screenshot of a game with four players:

1. the area where cards are drawn should be made a little smaller when viewed on a mobile device
2. players should all be one below the other, as are the first two players that are seen on the screenshot

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Re: Mobile view

Post by Mr_Magic » 13 March 2018, 16:15

I found this issue also.

You can use the Zoom In button then scroll to the right to see the other player cards, but it's a bit annoying.

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Re: Mobile view

Post by Liallan » 17 March 2018, 11:44

I don't play games on a mobile device, but it would seem logical to me that it should be turned to landscape because that's the view it actually has. Isn't there a way on the device to get that turned that way?

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Re: Mobile view

Post by _Kex_ » 19 March 2018, 11:29

i tried that :)
doesn't work :(

the spaces are a bit bigger but the layout is almost identical
actually it's even harder to see anything

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Re: Mobile view

Post by ljlevy » 26 February 2020, 00:51

It is 2020 feb and this issue still exists on mobile and i pad. I cant see anyones scores or mine sometimes...
Any plans to correct this?

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Re: Mobile view

Post by Lalimec » 30 April 2020, 01:03

Here is a temporary fix:

Code: Select all

#campscell {
Take this code and paste it to your custom theme code section (Profile picture > Preferences > Advenced > Paste the code > Save). It will fit everything to the screen. But the game also has some other ui problems that needs to be fixed.

If you don't want to bother with the code stuff use my Plain Theme here: :arrow: CLICK
It fixes the isue and BGA becomes a little more modern. ;)

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Re: Mobile view

Post by LeChuck667 » 07 August 2020, 16:06

the above worked for me.

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Re: Mobile view

Post by Dragonours » 15 October 2020, 02:59

This fix don't work for me

And this apen on pc to when pmaying on windows
The right of the screen is under the last move display.

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