2 vs 2 variant

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Wakan Tanka
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2 vs 2 variant

Postby Wakan Tanka » 08 August 2017, 22:08


I would like to suggest implementing a variant of Djambi to play it in teams 2 vs 2. I know it's not an official variant of the game but I think it could be fun. Especially because Djambi is rather 'unfair' game. If 3 players decide to destroy the 4th player in the very beginning, there is nothing that could stop them. Of course, Djambi is designed to reflect political conflicts, so temporary alliances, treasons and backstabbing are the spirit of this game. However, I think it would be nice to have an alternative in the form of 2 vs 2 variant.

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Dice McFly
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Re: 2 vs 2 variant

Postby Dice McFly » 13 August 2017, 19:05


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