Points scoring

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Points scoring

Postby kulkat » 05 December 2017, 23:15

Hi, guys!
I love this game. I don't play to win but some times I do.
And some times I lose don't know why.
Can anyone tell me how we get points, I mean the stars?

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Re: Points scoring

Postby dremaa » 16 December 2017, 04:51

If one player finds both stones of legend, that player wins (I think the game gives 10,000 points). If both stones of legend are not found, no stones are worth any points. If both stones are found, but by different players, each player scores 10 points per stone.

XP Points add what the card says to your score. If there is a 1 on the card, you score one point, etc. Your gold is also added to your final score, each 5 coins count as 1 point,

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