Haw is this game scored?

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Haw is this game scored?

Postby N9IWP » 19 September 2017, 03:41

The winner seems to get ~50 points but I have no idea how that is calculated (if this is documented somewhere I apologize)
Also, everyone else gets 0. When I score the physical game, I note how far back their scout/camp was when the game ended.
Some sort of similar system could be used for non winner. (subtract points from the winners score)


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Re: Haw is this game scored?

Postby Victoria_La » 11 November 2017, 02:22

Technically there is no score, there is one winner and rest are losers.
But 50+ are spaces on the river past 0 space, i.e. space on the river where you have your final camp.

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Re: Haw is this game scored?

Postby RicardoRix » 01 May 2018, 00:07

would be cool if the score was the number of turns taken to win.

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