Haw is this game scored?

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Haw is this game scored?

Post by N9IWP » 19 September 2017, 03:41

The winner seems to get ~50 points but I have no idea how that is calculated (if this is documented somewhere I apologize)
Also, everyone else gets 0. When I score the physical game, I note how far back their scout/camp was when the game ended.
Some sort of similar system could be used for non winner. (subtract points from the winners score)


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Re: Haw is this game scored?

Post by Victoria_La » 11 November 2017, 02:22

Technically there is no score, there is one winner and rest are losers.
But 50+ are spaces on the river past 0 space, i.e. space on the river where you have your final camp.

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Re: Haw is this game scored?

Post by RicardoRix » 01 May 2018, 00:07

would be cool if the score was the number of turns taken to win.

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Re: Haw is this game scored?

Post by Diablange74 » 04 November 2019, 23:59

On this topic of score...

It makes perfect sense to me that the official rules state there is one winner and losers. However, it doesn't take into consideration repeated games and ELO calculations.

I would personnaly see as an improvment to trigger an option for a final ranking decided upon the current score, i.e. the last position where the camp was established.

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