Players keeping all the protein cards

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Players keeping all the protein cards

Post by kariert » 29 June 2020, 18:33

Lately, I've run into this a lot. Players collect all the protein cards and only leave vegetables to everyone else playing at the table. It means an unfair advantage for the one player who has the protein, they not only have all the high point and combination cards, they are the only ones who can discard to gain better cards and they always know every bluff.

Is there any strategy to get around this particular problem? I always feel super helpless but since it's not against the rules there is no reason to call the players out either. Thoughts?

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Re: Players keeping all the protein cards

Post by RicardoRix » 29 June 2020, 18:53

there are 3 protein cards and you can only keep 3 at then end of turn, and if they're not playing them then it sounds implausible.

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Lotus Blossom
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Re: Players keeping all the protein cards

Post by Lotus Blossom » 30 June 2020, 11:01

I wouldn't say it was an unfair advantage. It's partly luck what cards you get and after that it's strategy what cards you want to play or keep.

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Re: Players keeping all the protein cards

Post by Paddles » 04 July 2020, 12:59

It's a legitimate strategy, if you are in the position to do it (think I've only been there once?). Of course, it's not a guaranteed win or a risk-free strategy:
  • If you bluff to pick up cards, there's always a risk someone works out what you're doing and calls you on it, resulting in you not cooking at all.
  • If you use the protein, then it becomes available for others to draw.
  • Holding all protein means you won't have a pair to swap, and are less likely to have noodles to cook with.
So the counter-strategy? Working out when to taste test.

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