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Post by Ozbear » 15 July 2017, 06:37

This is a terrific game but I agree with posters that the penalty for failing a taste test is too heavy.
You make one wrong call and it's pretty well over (at least in the 50 point game).
What about just losing a turn and keeping your hand?
It makes it frustrating in three or more player games when you are just sitting and waiting to lose while the others fight it out.
I would like to see a 100 point version introduced in between the 50 and 300 point versions. That would give players at least a chance to get back into a game after failing a test. The 300 point game is great if you have the time but the 50 is just a bit short for me.

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Re: Scoring

Post by KaosBombix » 17 July 2017, 19:15

Yea, I agree with you !
Lose 1 turn is better, because lose all your hand is too much :( we have to trust the chief to not take the risk.
A 100 points game can be good too, because 300 is soo long

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