The Builders: Middle Ages variants

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The Builders: Middle Ages variants

Post by Faedur » 08 September 2017, 21:22


Here are some variants that I use to play with the original board game that could be improved in BGA. They could be combined in differents ways.

- Variant 1 : ajusting difficulty and lenght
Just let us decide the amount of starting coins and the number of victory points needed to end the game.

- Variant 2 : workers in real life
Players start with no coin but workers are paid after finishing a building they worked in. Huge malus on victory points if you cannot afford to pay someone.

- Variant 3 : everyone wait for playing
Regulate the number of actions per turn from 1 to 10. Only 1 action could be very restrictive but easier for beginners.

- Variant 4 : no money no more
Players don't have money at all but have to pay attention on their actions. Forget about costs and gain (exit shack and bower) but use your actions wisely.

- Variant 5 : free help
Sending a worker on a building cost only one action, whatever. Workers sent on a building after another on the same turn will take only one action.

- Variant 6 : free time
Players pick building or worker cards only to associate them. There is no action used to pick a card but you have to use it immediatly (put it on a building if it is a worker card or put a worker on it if it is a building card). After finishing a building, workers remain on the side of the player and can be used again but not by someone else.

- Variant 7 : easy sharing
Players can exchange workers with same value, costing one action. They can also borrow them paying the cost to the other player.

- Variant 8 : mastering is valuable
Craftmen and masters take a player two actions to use one of them. Though not cumulative with the second worker on a building same turn, a craftman or a master sent on a building costs two actions whatever he is first or second on the same turn.

- Variant 9 : no more stone
Game is played without stone ressource. All buildings that need stones are removed from the game, same for workers that produce stone. It is easier for beginners to start with only 3 different ressources. Though the number of cards could be doubled by mixing another deck. It could be another ressource that is removed but stone is present on less cards.

- Variant 10 : time is money
There is no more free action per turn but each action cost 2 coins and each new action during the same turn costs 2 coins more. So taking in the same turn one action cost 2, two actions cost 4, three actions cost 6, etc. It could costs between 1 and 5 coins per action depending on what kind of game you want to play but players have more money at the beginning.

Well I stop here but I'm sure that I forget some and you could invent ones. ;)

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