Do you really need to Consume?

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Do you really need to Consume?

Post by ALA----IN » 29 April 2021, 09:37

Good morning friends,
I would like to offer you a reflection. :)

I have found that practically no player (from the rank of good player) uses the Consume Goods action to score Victory Points.

Instead everyone uses the action (in my opinion exaggerated) of "Abandon tiles" (especially in the last rounds) to remove and then place as many tiles as possible and therefore make points exclusively through the cost (value) of the tiles placed.

I find it strange that this way of playing is in line with the author's desire, since in doing so the action of Consumare is practically unused ..

So is there something that escapes me?

Also, isn't the action of "Abandon Tiles" a bit exaggerated?

For example, wouldn't it have been better that when a player Abandon a tile, he has to use another Explore action, instead of being able to draw more tiles with the same action he Abandoned?

At least this practice would be limited.

Is this way of playing really the correct and intended by the author?

Thank you for your attention and I hope you can make me want to play this game (which I initially liked so much). :)

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Re: Do you really need to Consume?

Post by MoiMagnus » 29 April 2021, 09:58

I've had (IRL and online) multiple games in which I've win from a Consume strategy.
However, it requires much more luck in early drawing, while mass colonisation is pretty much a safe bet.

Second, something that I've tried IRL or when playing with friends (but not with strangers) is to share information.
For example, if I see that another player might be interested by a produce/consume strategy, I will say in the chat "I am producing this turn, is anyone making a trade/consume?" or "I am consuming this turn, is anyone making a production?".
Why? Because the production/consume strategy works much better if both phases take place each turn, rather than alternating between the two. And if anybody follows the suggestion, we're both making a lot of points/money, so that's a win/win.

The produce/consume strategy has for main weakness that if you're the only one doing it, you're probably losing. So that's one of the strategies that work better if you publicly state your future action rather than keeping it secret.

I've never tried it with strangers as (a) a lot of peoples would probably be pretty vocal against this kind of strategies, possibly considering it as cheating (b) nothing complies you to be truthful, and I'm never sure how much it would be socially acceptable to lie about such informations, as Roll is not supposed to be a bluff or diplomacy game.

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