likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

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likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

Postby ferion » 02 January 2018, 17:18

I know it’s probably VERY early to ask, but I do it anyway :-)

Is there any chance for an implementation of (any of) the expansion(s)?

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Re: likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

Postby Tchebychev » 09 April 2018, 14:46

Hi ferion (if you are still around :) ),

Thanks for your suggestion!
Hum, frankly, I would say less of 10% :/
The thing is I commit myself into a long process to develop the original game I am not really willing to dive back into that. The next logical move would be to develop Echoes, which is a wonderful expansion (the most worthy I think), but there is so much to do:

-Introduce new basic mechanisms: bonus icon, forecasting, echoes effects...

-Code the brand new 110 cards (inclunding the 5 new special achievements). Their effects seem to be more complicated in average than the those of the base game.

-Update the graphics of the game. The Asmadi graphics used in BGA are already out-to-date :( even for the base game. The icon layout changed. The frame for dogma effects changed: there is now an additional frame I'd must deal with when writing over the card for translation. This is a tricky-boring job really because it does not add any functionality to the game itself.

If there is any motivating dev around, I would be delighted to explain my code though, so that it can continue the project!
For the moment I prefer to involve more time into developping another game for BGA (a classic card game), that is quite refreshing :)



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