likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

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Re: likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

Post by Jambo » 09 July 2019, 12:37

I'd love to see expansions of Innovation on BGA but fully understand the big investment to do them. If there was an order, i'd do Figures over Echoes - it's far simpler and in many ways more enjoyable.

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Re: likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

Post by DodgerM76 » 26 October 2019, 03:25

I'd like to get into development (and I love Innovation), but I suspect this wouldn't be the best project to get my feet wet on. If any of the people who talked about wanting to develop an expansion want to collaborate, I'd be quite open to that.

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Re: likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

Post by kermitfrog » 08 December 2019, 02:10

Hey all,

I did take a look at adding the expansions.

There are a few obstacles:
1. If you aren't well-versed in PHP, Perl, and Java Script, it is pretty much impossible to pick up due to the complexity of the code base. I have no experience in any of these (except for a bit of JS) so I got stuck pretty quickly.
2. Doing quick turnarounds on the code is very time consuming especially if you don't know what you are doing.
3. The game developer wants the new card images from the third edition (which are very nice) so that means a complete redesign of the underlying graphics is in order.
4. I think the graphics engine in the game needs to be redesigned to scale with the expansions. Right now, each card has its own image, but I think this needs to be simplified to have a single card back for each color and then render the icons on top of that base image. That would (probably) speed loading times as the number of cards doubles (cities), triples (echoes), quadruples (figures), and quintuples (artifacts).

There are probably other obstacles. The biggest problem is that it is more fun to play the game than it is to develop it. :)

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Re: likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

Post by PurplishCat » 15 March 2020, 07:54

I just recently played Innovatin on BGA for the first time. Loved it. Would absolutely love to see expansions!

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Re: likelyhood of expansions here on BGA?

Post by lesslucid » 17 October 2020, 01:44

kermitfrog, how did you access the codebase? Just by logging in to the dev side of the site?

Sadly, even the *interface* over there defeated my efforts to try to create something... :(

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