Expansion town tiles

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Expansion town tiles

Postby Mariota17 » 12 March 2018, 05:07

Is there any plans to add the extra expansion town tiles and temple round scoring any time soon? I think they add a lot to the game

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Re: Expansion town tiles

Postby Jamesb8 » 13 March 2018, 13:34

Yes these make the game that much better as well as the extra bonus tile with VP for Shipping Level. The temple round scoring tile is also nice but not as crucial as the other two imo. These should probably just be included in the default settings when added

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steven v
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Re: Expansion town tiles

Postby steven v » 16 April 2018, 19:14

I also ask 'asap' for the expansion tiles and later the 'fire & ice'. I lost interest to play after the experience in 3 games that I played, in which town building exceeded 10 and I lost important VP.
It means that you have to change your strategy and that 'earth1' and 'water1' become even more important and these tiles are also limited...
I think town building is a goal in the game, not something to avoid.
Anyway TM is a great game on BGA.

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Re: Expansion town tiles

Postby Exkalipoor » 17 April 2018, 13:09

I agree. It is common to build 2-3 towns in a game. So 4 and especially 5 players often are short of town files.

I get that the fire and ice expension has more content to include, but the mini-expansion with the 4 towns, the shipping bonus tile and the temple round card shouldn't be too troublesome to integrate.

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Re: Expansion town tiles

Postby asd123321 » 18 April 2018, 01:51

The VP for shipping level is very bad. It throws the game off giving more for certain factions and tilts the game out of balance to someone who happened to develop that.

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Re: Expansion town tiles

Postby henrikloev » 02 July 2018, 06:09

+1. This is what keeps me from swapping from snellman.

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Re: Expansion town tiles

Postby Yack_san » 27 July 2018, 20:31

Dear BGA Developers!
Please, don't keep us hanging - any chance to have additional town tiles, temple scoring tile and expansion races added (maybe also fixed map) :-) we are begging you !!!:-)


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Re: Expansion town tiles

Postby jtiggelm » 06 October 2018, 15:18

I also feel that the four town tile expansion is pretty much needed for well running 4-5 player games--or you get another game.

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