Introduce. VP auction system

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Introduce. VP auction system

Postby flower2886 » 12 November 2018, 18:42


the meta of TM is quite stale with the same factions being played over and over again at the high level. The adjusted victory points are just not enough to make up for the difference in race quality.

A VP auction systems would change up everything and make the games fresh again.

1. Pick X races at random. X is the number of players
2. Every player starts with 40 VP
3. A random chosen player starts with a bid of Y VP points.
4. Clockwise from the chosen player the next players have to either bid Y+Z VP or pass.
5. Once a player has won the bid he pays the VP and picks the race and the starting position (1-X)
6. The last player who passed becomes the start player for the next auction round.

This is (almost) a 100% fair system and really makes the game fresh as even the best setup for a certain race will get balanced out by the VP cost.

Thanks !

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Re: Introduce. VP auction system

Postby cs2376jr » 08 December 2018, 15:07

I completely agree with this. I feel we need this for the top level players that want to play competitively so one person is not screwed over at the start.

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