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Post by d3faux » 18 May 2020, 10:40

Is it considered against the rules to use the chat to coordinate actions with other players ? For example discussing whether to accept or decline power gain from cultists when 2 ppl are to chose ?

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Re: Teamplay

Post by DawsDawsDaws » 20 May 2020, 03:28

Good question. I've had players private message me during games and thought it was poor form. Not sure if there's a formal rule against it. If you're not comfortable posting it in the game chat for everyone to see, then you probably shouldn't be sending the message.

When there is private messaging happening with 2 players in the same game, then perhaps a warning message to other players at the table (similar to what is done when there are players from the same IP address) would be a nice future enhancement for the site.

I've submitted this suggestion to BGA, please upvote if you support it:

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