What can I expect from the expansions?

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What can I expect from the expansions?

Post by basarts » 13 May 2020, 17:57


I have been playing Terra Mystica recently and I noticed that I can change setup with some different expansions. I'm not sure what they will do, so can some describe them to me in short?

- Revised Gameboard
- Lakes gameboard
- Mini expansions
- Extensions of landscapes

I'm not sure if I use the correct English terms because I see mine in Dutch.

Thank you

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Re: What can I expect from the expansions?

Post by jtiggelm » 29 June 2020, 18:36

I would say that the mini-expansions are essential. Primarily you will have 14 town tiles (8 different ones) instead of 10 (5). Furthermore the round bonus can be for Temples, and the pass bonus can be for advanced shipping.

The other options are IMO just there for variety. The landscapes give each faction an additional tile. This changes the balance from the original one (quite a bit); it is in no way more balanced. Something similar goes for the Revise Base Game, which is en edit of the original board with some color-hexes swapped; if anything, I understand the overall balance to be less good than the original. I haven't really played Lakes, but that is also another map. :)

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