Solo button behavior

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Solo button behavior

Postby mosopal » 30 March 2018, 20:20

Hi Everyone!

I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, but please send me an other place if not.

It is very disturbing and irritating, that the "draw a card" button and "solo" button is so close to each other, and on top of that the "draw a card" button pops up when it is your turn. So when you are in a fast game and getting ready to hit solo button, and than it is your turn, than the solo utton moves left and there is the draw a new card button in the place of it. And thant you screwed with a new card, instead of one left...

It would be great if it were changed somehow.


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Re: Solo button behavior

Postby DrKarotte » 07 April 2018, 18:26

I hope you like how it is now?

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