Solo Rules 3.0

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Solo Rules 3.0

Post by DrKarotte » 24 January 2020, 13:02

Due to a bug report about a missing feature I have noticed that Amigo has published a new version of SOLO (rule book version 3.0). The linked rules on the games page unfortunately lead to this new rulebook (apparently they have just replaced the files?).

These new rules contain a couple of new cards and mechanics which are not implemented on BGA (rulebook 2.1):
* Triple
* Gift card
* Protection card

I have not checked every detail, but have also detected a change in the current cards: When swapping cards, the game continues with the player with whom the cards have been swapped.

Apart from that they have added the rule that the game has to start with a normal card (this question arose while developping the game for BGA).

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Re: Solo Rules 3.0

Post by honus » 29 June 2020, 02:58

Any plans to implement the new cards and rules?

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