Games Not Recognizing Preferences

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Games Not Recognizing Preferences

Post by chauddog » 31 August 2021, 13:32

Not sure if this is just me..but..SOLO repeatedly puts me in 2 or 3 player games even though my settings say I never want to play those games. Is this happening to anyone else? I don't see a place that I can report this in the bug reporting. It does not seem to happen in any other games.

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Re: Games Not Recognizing Preferences

Post by Yasten » 01 September 2021, 02:09

You wouldn't be the first. I heard it happened to arena settings too. Like they set to play level+-3 but after they pressed the play now button and cancelled it or played their matches the setting returns to the original I never want to play with them. But I tried and it didn't reset though... I don't understand how that happened.

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