Colour Selection for Signorie

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Colour Selection for Signorie

Post by Gargoyle_7 » 14 May 2020, 20:03

I'd like to comment on the colour selection protocol for Signorie. The only reason for colour preferences to be disabled is if the game is asymmetric. I'd like to suggest that as the distribution of the family tiles is the same for each family, that this game isn't asymmetric. For that reason, I ask that you reconsider the setting for colour preference for this game, or perhaps allow gamers to select the option. I would argue that nothing is gained by random colour assignment and whatever anyone thinks is gained is lost compared to the confusion as friends play each other's traditional colours.

Indeed I would argue that asymmetry is introduced when one (premium) player randomly gets their preferred colour and another (premium) player randomly does not.

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Re: Colour Selection for Signorie

Post by smci » 12 January 2021, 13:47

+1 Agreed, but low-priority IMO. Please file a bug (!bugs) so we can upvote and comment on it.

(It probably would get your bug report more attention if you reference any specific game number.)

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Re: Colour Selection for Signorie

Post by paramesis » 12 January 2021, 15:52

Gargoyle_7 wrote:
14 May 2020, 20:03
The only reason for colour preferences to be disabled is if the game is asymmetric...
Not exactly. The specific guideline, linked below, states that player color preferences should not be used if the color has an influence on a mechanism of the game or an influence on turn order. ... references

On an individual basis, the distribution of alliance tiles doesn't matter for the reasons you mention, but the issue arises with color combinations with other players. Red + Yellow and Blue + Purple are the only combinations of player colors among which no career row has the same doubled alliance tiles, while Blue + Yellow for example both have doubled Fleur de Lis tiles in their career rows. Contention over alliance tiles differs among player color combinations, and if two players express preferences, they will always have the same contention over alliance tiles relative to each other. While this does seem like a subtle and mostly inconsequential impact on the game, it represents a scenario where this rule applies.

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