What improvements would you like to see?

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Re: What improvements would you like to see?

Postby A-dam » 24 June 2018, 19:17

Thank you all for your suggestions. I moved to another project, so unless there will be high demand, I wont make any further changes..

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Re: What improvements would you like to see?

Postby Cappie » 28 July 2018, 11:56

Okay, i see that i am a bit late, but i think it would be Nice if you could also go a ring back.
I am in a game in which i would be stupid to advance without capturing the opponent, and he would be stupid to gomtomthe center because he would lose. Its 9-0.... So this could go on for a Very long time.

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Re: What improvements would you like to see?

Postby Pedros » 01 November 2018, 14:39

I second Cappie's request. Don't know the solution would be but there is one player (and so far as I know only one) who refuses to accept this as a won situation. Where a player is so far ahead and with no pawns behind him to be able to capture him then it should be recognised as game won, just as where captures would make no difference to the result.

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Re: What improvements would you like to see?

Postby Woodruff » 01 November 2018, 15:28

I agree with the two of you.
I think since this is an auto-edited game, this problem should also be brought back to its author Renaud Joseph. So he can decide what to add in the rules to resolve that case, then the implementation can follow on BGA (can be programmatically tought though...).
Personally I would formulate the rule that way:

If a player in a winning position can demonstrate that the others cannot make him lose, no matter the moves they take, then the game ends and that player is declared as the winner.

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Re: What improvements would you like to see?

Postby Liallan » 02 November 2018, 05:52

I wanted to point out this thread:

It doesn't change Cappie's idea about going back a ring, but it does address an overall issue. I see it was posted clear back in May and people are still addressing it. Even I posted on it cause I didn't know the thread was so old.

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