New card layout for Ice Cold Ice Hockey!

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New card layout for Ice Cold Ice Hockey!

Post by DrKarotte » 21 September 2019, 16:30

Dear hockey players,
we designed an improved version of all Ice Cold Ice Hockey cards, which is now available for everyone on BGA! Of course, if you prefer the old version, you can easily switch any table back to the original design. See below for details.
The new look will become the default, since it aims for more visually pleasing cards while being at least as clear in their icon language as the original ones.

Major additions:
  • colored card border as striking difference between defensive and offensive cards (red / blue)
  • split card type from card name (Pass, Skate, etc.)
  • more consistent emphasis on rink icons and follow-up icons
  • more prominent display of the card ID
  • color-code shot results (red / blue / black)
There should be no gameplay changes from this update, but if you notice something that seems off, please don't hesitate to report a bug through BGA's bugtracker and we will take a look!

If you read through all this, hopefully you are now excited to play some colorful hockey ;-) For those preferring the old style, here's how to get it back:

[*] Open the ingame table menu by clicking on the "burger" icon (top right screen corner)
[*] In the "Preferences" section, open the "Deck style" dropdown and select your desired version

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Re: New card layout for Ice Cold Ice Hockey!

Post by cramos » 21 September 2019, 18:21

Honestly, I'm glad that we can switch back to the original design.

Maybe it's because I'm long used to it, but I find the old layout a lot easier to read.

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Re: New card layout for Ice Cold Ice Hockey!

Post by ringersoll » 21 September 2019, 20:02

I am old and crotchety and don't like change.

Thanks for giving me the option to go back to the basic, old, simple, i love it, cards.

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Re: New card layout for Ice Cold Ice Hockey!

Post by Naavia » 22 September 2019, 06:11

I am old an love changes :D
I will try it on new way

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Re: New card layout for Ice Cold Ice Hockey!

Post by bamf226 » 01 October 2019, 18:51

It would be helpful to update the rules with the new card design and explanation. The new design is not as intuitive for those of us with experience in the old design.

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