Tenacious Boar

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Tenacious Boar

Post by Czochrun » 25 October 2018, 11:37

Yesterday I was playing Dice Forge in real.
We have problems with Tenacious Boar. I told my friends that on BGA this bug was not a bug and "face bearer" and owner of this card both receive resources. But in our instruction said that ONLY owner of card received this resources (we talk about situation where "face bearer" roll this die face).
is reported that THIS IS NOT A BUG.

I dowloaded today english version (maybe in our polish translation there is an error). But in english version there is no word that "face bearer" get resources.

Explain me why https://pl.boardgamearena.com/#!bug?id=10597 reported bug is not a bug.

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Re: Tenacious Boar

Post by RicardoRix » 25 October 2018, 13:24

Can you see if there is somewhere on BGG (or other source) that discusses this issue, it may even have the game designer talking about it.

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Re: Tenacious Boar

Post by N_Faker » 25 October 2018, 14:50

Instant effect: Take the Boar die face matching your Tenacious Boar card from the Temple Gardens.
Choose another player as the “face bearer”.
That player must immediately forge this die face onto one of his dice (he chooses which die face to replace).
This die face cannot be removed from the die for the rest of the game.

Automatic effect: Gain 1 Sun Shard, 1 Moon Shard or 3 Glory.
Activation condition: Each time the effects of the matching die face are applied.

Note: The Automatic effect does not suffer the penalty of the Minotaur card.

The Boar die face is still its own die face, which displays 'Gain 1 Sun Shard or 1 Moon Shard' and a Boar.

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Re: Tenacious Boar

Post by docthib » 27 October 2018, 11:23

Hi !

Yes, tenacious boar may be complicated to understand but let me try to make it easy to understand :)


When rolling dices, "boar face bearer" follow the blessing rules: "(...) apply the effects of the two rolled die faces in the order of your choice."
Effect of boar face: Gain 1 Sun Shard or 1 Moon Shard

Card owner then apply the hourglass / automatic effect as activation condition is fulfilled:
Gain 1 Sun Shard, 1 Moon Shard or 3 Glory

Rules are saying that you force someone to forge the corresponding Boar face, it's not yours :)
Thanks N_Faker for quoting rules

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