"Lost" rolling dice

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"Lost" rolling dice

Post by parpagnas » 15 September 2020, 22:02


Very often the values of dices are lost when you can see the message "other players are choosing their resources". Most often I noticed it with the x3 (and no it's not as in the other thread that mentions the minor blessing) but it happened in many situations.

Another time I also got an error message stating that my resource selection could not be processed because another player did it at the exact same time. Then the page refreshed and the value was lost for ever. I find it strange that there's no queue management there...

I think that in both situation this is a problem with the way the resources are selected by the players, one after the other, or actually all at the same time. Looks like a design issue to me...



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Re: "Lost" rolling dice

Post by vincentt » 16 September 2020, 14:46


please report a bug with a table number and a move number in order to analyze it.
This error happens sometimes but normally you should not loose your action.

With the number of game played, I think we would have a bigger numbers of bugs on this :)


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