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Suggestions about interface

Postby ludique » 07 November 2018, 14:43

When buying to a neighbour, you don't need to display every possibility, especially when you have a card that can do different elements.
You end up with big list (you can buy wood, or stone, or gold) but it doesn't matter, and you can't see clearly how much money is spent.
Picture that's not even the worst, sometimes I buy 4 elements that my 2 neighbours have at different prices.
I just need to know how much money to give and to whom.
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Display the total number of shields somebody has.
Because cards are everywhere and sometimes if your neighbour has Rhodos you forget.
I also propose to display the winning and losing war tokens.
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Ugly mock-up for those both ideas

Corwin 007
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Re: Suggestions about interface

Postby Corwin 007 » 07 November 2018, 15:48

Good suggestions, voted for both. The first one is even more painful on mobile...

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