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Re: Expansions?

Post by Pavvo » 10 April 2020, 06:37

Hi VanHlebar

Can you let us know which email you sent to and the content? If enough of us request for it, maybe they will see that we NEED it!!

VanHlebar wrote:
06 October 2019, 02:34
So I reached out to the designer about adding the expansions and here is what his response was:
thank you very much for your feedback.
So far we are not planning to add the expansions to BGA. 
I meet regularly the founders and we are regularly discussion about that point :-)

Maybe in mid-term we’d go for it. But no planning on it so far.
All the best,

So it doesn't appear they will be allowing the expansions at this point.

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Re: Expansions?

Post by Xapa » 17 April 2020, 13:47


I do understand that getting the rights for developping extension needs approval from the developper, and needs also time and energy.

I am wondering if adding the "7 wonders pack" could be more easy to negociate, as first step? (it is an official extension with 4 new "wonders"/civilizations, which would enhance the experience on BGA :) ):

"Build the Great Wall of China, exploit the mysterious standing stones of Stonehenge, mummify your Leaders at Abu Simbel and, finally, discover a Belgian wonder : the Manneken Pis.

This pack is an expansion with 4 new wonders for the game 7 Wonders ; the base game is required to play!
  • The Great Wall gives you many options beacause you can build the stages in any order of your choice.
  • Stonehenge turns stones into victory points.
  • (You can bury your leaders in Abu Sibmel to earn victory points at the end of the game.)
--> less interesting as it needs Leaders
  • The Manneken Pis is the revised version of this "wonder" released in october 2010.

Rules if the Wonder Pack available here: https://rprod.com/uploads/WONDERPACK_RULES_US.pdf

Exemaple: Manneken Pis card: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/opengraph_ ... 855117.jpg


Thank you :)

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Re: Expansions?

Post by Touchh » 28 April 2020, 03:42

add new expansions please.

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Re: Expansions?

Post by Stormwatcher » 28 April 2020, 19:48

Count me as another person who would love to see the expansions get added, especially Leaders. Actually, my friends who play with me here would also like to see the Expansions get added.


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Re: Expansions?

Post by Xapa » 29 April 2020, 12:09

Personnally I have sent an email yesterday to "7Wonders Repos Production", telling them how great BoardGameArena is,
and asking them to allow some new Extension (inclunding the Wonder Pack) to be added to BGA :)
Hope they'll respond soon. :)

You can find contact details on their website: https://rprod.com/index.php?page=description-2

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Re: Expansions?

Post by mpartridge » 06 May 2020, 18:11

I've sent Repos Production an email as well, giving them many props for the game and asking for expansions to be made available here. The address I used from their site is: info (at) rprod.com

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Jacob Koert
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Re: Expansions?

Post by Jacob Koert » 20 May 2020, 17:55

That would be awesome to add these expansions! Please do it! :)

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Re: Expansions?

Post by EnzoTheGrey1 » 21 May 2020, 16:34

Yes, please add some expansions!

This game is quick and fun, but getting kind of repetitive with just the base set...I have played the expansions and its awesome!!

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Re: Expansions?

Post by VZpapa » 24 May 2020, 06:38

I am also very interested in expansions added to 7wonders.
Once the licensing is approved, I would even be willing to join the developer community and help with expansions implementation.

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Re: Expansions?

Post by SluggerBaloney » 24 May 2020, 17:46

Pelow wrote:
26 March 2020, 02:16
wow that's sad, why is that tho?
I'd also love the expansion sets
Why would they want to keep the most popular expansions to their game as a product you need to purchase vs giving them away for free? Let me go put on my thinking cap, I'll get back to you

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