Stats on starting boards - how balanced are they?

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Stats on starting boards - how balanced are they?

Post by Denis » 20 July 2018, 16:51

Since BGA now has tons of data available, I would be very interested to see statistics for each starting board/civ to see how they rank. Statistics that would be most interesting:
* average Score
* average final position (normalized 0 to 1)

Is this something that has been compiled, or perhaps can we get an export of the database?

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Re: Stats on starting boards - how balanced are they?

Post by nmego » 20 July 2018, 17:00

+1 also side A vs side B

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Corwin 007
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Re: Stats on starting boards - how balanced are they?

Post by Corwin 007 » 24 July 2018, 09:10

I guess each side would be treated as a different wonder.

I'd be curious about this as well.

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Re: Stats on starting boards - how balanced are they?

Post by yoyote » 24 July 2018, 12:53

+1 also 3p/4p/5p/6p/7p games
And losing/winning players of course :)

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Re: Stats on starting boards - how balanced are they?

Post by Geshovski » 05 September 2018, 12:30

Hello all,

I have created an excel sheet with all the data from most of my games (111 games in total and entered the data from 56 of my games, only the ones with 7 players). Based on that I managed to get some fixtures and make charts. :ugeek: All of the following data is personally collected and holds no statistical weight.

This is the result of the winners regardless of the side. Clearly Halikarnassos (23,2%) is the most common winner, followed by Rhodos (17,9%) and Alexandria and Olympia (14,3%). The least unlikely wonder to win is Ephesos (7,1%). However please note that like all statistical data the scope of the "survey" is of key value. With the current 56 games the data is not very accurate.
7wondersForum.PNG (15.98 KiB) Viewed 723 times
Taking the same data from the table I analyzed the average points each winning wonder made, again regardless of the side. The data looks like this:
7wondersForum1.PNG (26.66 KiB) Viewed 723 times
It is evident that Rhodos is the wonder that made on average the most points from War (Military structures), while Ephesos the most points for Science. Please have in mind that this data for Ephesos comes from the all the winners in 56 games, which are 7,1%, which comes to a total of 4 players. So it cannot be said for sure that Ephesos would win if one decides to collect the Science cards.

Here is a link to my google spreadsheet of the table where I store the data: ... sp=sharing

I think it's possible to sort the columns while in view mode. Basically I've stored the wonder ID and matched it with the appropriate wonder face. Then wrote down all the points in the columns. The "Total" column is the summary of all the other columns and the final result of the game. When in Yellow (gold color) the total score is above 60 pts. I used this to mark "strong" games, where players scored a lot of points. The last column is the position of the wonder at the final. "1" is in Gold= Fist; "2" is in Silver= Second; "3" is in Bronze= Third.
7wondersForum2.PNG (62.56 KiB) Viewed 723 times

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