Starting Role Card Supply

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Starting Role Card Supply

Post by turtler7 » 16 September 2018, 16:39

I am a bit confused about the role card display. I have either always setup the game improperly or the different player counts are not being handled correctly on this implementation.

When I follow the setup rules all of the cards start in the central display then each player that is part of the game takes a politics card and builds their starting deck from the central display. All remaining cards stay there. This leaves more cards in the display for less player counts. The current implementation has the same setup every time based on all 4 player hands being created.

For a 2 player game I believe the starting cards should be 16 survey, 14 warfare, 16 colonize, 12 produce/trade, and 16 research cards. Please check on this and confirm/update the setup on BGA.

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Re: Starting Role Card Supply

Post by Udelar » 21 September 2018, 19:09

I believe that the implementation here is based on the setup changes that were introduced in Escalation.


I personally prefer playing this way even without the expansion but I agree that the original setup should be an option.

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