Politics + open/close available techs

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Politics + open/close available techs

Post by Cearso » 07 October 2018, 11:20

these two are not bugs, just inconvenient sometimes:

If we choose the politics action we have to scroll down to the role cards but if we choosing the role (during or main turn) we get the buttons on top.
Is it possible to make this change for the politics too?

Usually when it is not my turn I open the available tech cards to browse which tech can I acquire + what symbols those have so I can pre-planning for my turn.
Any time someone make a move these are closing automatically and I see only the top card of each category (even if I don't have to do anything, or I know what I want to do during the opponents turn.)
Is it possible to make those stay open, or at least close only if I have to make a move?

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Re: Politics + open/close available techs

Post by Een » 09 October 2018, 13:52

Automatic wrapping of tech cards has been disabled to leave expand/wrap control to the players.

For your suggestion about politics card, it would take some time from the developer who is not much available at the moment. Please file it in the bug reports tool https://boardgamearena.com/#!bugs as a suggestion for the community to upvote it if other players feel that this is important.

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