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A Augustus
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Post by A Augustus » 12 May 2020, 01:15

BGA is awesome! We play Briscola every week with friends from all over, NY, Chicago, NC

Question 1. At the end of each Briscola game you can click to view your partners cards. It only seems to work during the first game. We play you can share cards at the end of each game? Can we see our teammates cards after each game?

2. I have other 6- 8 friends that want to watch the game in real time and want to get rotated in after each game by the administrator, can this happen?

3. After each play when the cards go away, they go away so fast that it is hard to try and memorize what was played which is a part of the strategy to Briscola, can each hand have a replayed button or slowed down?

4. Can the scoring by 2 halves equal one game?

I love BGA! awesome job, you guys are making quarantine much easier. Thank you so much for doing this!!! :D

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Re: Briscola

Post by Een » 12 May 2020, 10:46

Moved this to the Briscola forum.
I would suggest adding your suggestions there too (1 report per suggestion for better tracking), that way the developer will get an email about it.

(about 2., this is not specific to the game so I can answer: we don't have a functionality to automatically rotate in spectators of the game into the next game).

Happy you enjoy BGA :D

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Re: Briscola

Post by billolu » 16 May 2020, 07:58

1) you have to refresh the page to see you patner cards

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